What are the Benefits of ITIL 4 Foundation?

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ITIL 4 course is specifically developed keeping in mind enterprises that are IT service enabled. The ITIL methods are meant to improve the delivery of services of industries from the IT sector. The coursework of ITIL 4 is a developed version of the previous one which is even more impactful and has shown to provide maximum results. The coursework is tailor-made so that both individuals as well as enterprises can be benefited from the ITIL framework, making it the perfect certification course. An ITIL 4 Foundation training is a combination of both mock tests and assessments so that it fully prepares individuals for the end exam for qualification.  

The global renown that ITIL 4 Foundation garnered is due to the versatility it has in catering to the needs of different organizations with specific requirements and the training can be customized accordingly. At the same time, ITIL 4 Foundation has the capacity to seamlessly align itself to the other methods used by IT organizations like COBIT, TOGAF, or Six Sigma.  

As this quickly shifts to more virtual products and services it is important to have ITIL 4 Foundation knowledge for the proper functioning of end-to-end services by training candidates in creation, delivery, and improvement of products.  

So what are the benefits individuals and organizations can expect from ITIL 4 Foundation?  

ITIL 4 Foundation (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework developed for the standardization of the selection, maintenance, planning, and delivery of processes within the IT sector. It is meant to create a stable environment for the processes for an organization keeping in mind the delivery of services to customers. In simple terms, it is the perfect framework for the proper functioning of the projected delivery of services by increasing efficiency within an organization. 

There are usually two different formats in which one can get training in the ITIL Foundation course: the self-study online format or an instructor-guided live session where one will get acquainted with the practical and theoretical aspects of ITIL 4 Foundation. The training for any ITIL framework is divided into six different modules. The first three modules introduce students to the introductory concepts and principles of the ITIL 4 Foundation. The next two modules, that is, the fourth and fifth modules is meant to teach the four principles of service management, Service Value Chain, and Service Value System. The end module is structured for the introduction to concepts like Information Security Management, Relationship Management and ITIL Management Practices, and so on.  

Since ITIL is beneficial at the individual as well as enterprise-level, one needs to be aware of how ITIL can benefit these two.  

Benefits for an individual 

It better equips people in work management. A detailed guide to the ITIL 4 Foundation framework helps individuals organize their work better. Having a good grasp of the concepts will also help individuals appreciate the usefulness of the concepts which will also reflect in their work as they will be encouraged to incorporate more of the principles in their work.  

Knowledge of ITIL will instantly increase an individual's hiring prospects leading to better earning probability. It has been reported that certification in ITIL provides individuals an edge in the ITSM sector compared to non-certified individuals. The salary increment is seen to have increased by as much as 15% with ITIL certification.  

ITIL 4 Foundation is ideal for gaining skills in management. It is a good framework to know as it will enhance the expertise of an individual which will be appreciated by the organization the individual works for. At the same time, senior members of the organization will also see the changes in the work and management skills one has earned by learning ITIL 4 Foundation.  

ITIL 4 Foundation is recognized internationally and across industries. This means that ITIL knowledge will enable individuals to be well aware of the different terminologies used in industries and in the business sector.  

ITIL 4 Foundation qualification automatically leads to having skills that are relevant in the IT industry. This also means that an individual with ITIL 4 Foundation knowledge can qualify for better job positions within their organization or in other organizations.  

Also being globally recognized ITIL knowledge will enable an individual to think of new ways and methods of development within an industry which have not been explored before. ITIL certification provides a holistic view of the concepts which will provide a better understanding of the IT sector and infrastructures used in such enterprises. This will improve the overall quality of work.   

Benefits for an Enterprise 

With ITIL 4 Foundation at the forefront, an organization can make the best use of IT tools and make ITIL the core service.  

The concepts within the ITIL framework like Problem Management or Incident Management enables organizations to quickly deal with problems and start delivery of services at the earliest. With ITIL review mechanisms, any organization can prevent problems within service delivery by reviewing the steps that led to a problem and think of ways in which they can remove the root cause of the problem.  

Have better customer handling mechanisms which teams within an organization can use to cater to customer expectations. Such mechanisms include business relationship management and service level management. There is a continual change within an organization and outside an organization. Methods such as Continual Improvement or Change enablement included in the ITIL framework helps organizations to adapt their services to such changes.  

ITIL is also helpful in managing finances within an organization like budget, accounts, and charging requirements like service costs. Like the management of problems ITIL also has methods for risk assessment and management. ITIL is continually striving to optimize customer satisfaction with a company that will help organizations get an edge in the market.  

As mentioned earlier ITIL is a framework that is globally recognized because of its proven improvement in the performance of an organization. Having ITIL knowledge at the individual and enterprise level will help the overall growth of the organization making it one of the coveted knowledge systems in recent times. Moreover, ITIL training is relatively short and does not require spending a lot of time understanding the basic concepts making it the ideal framework to have at hand. 

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