3 Coffee Blends Worth a Taste

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Coffee Blends
Whether you have been looking to kick cream and sugar, or are just looking to expand your caffeine portfolio, there are a number of coffee blends worth giving a shot. In addition to bean origin and roast style, blend flavor is an important factor to consider in coffee selection.

Below are just a few of the many varieties available from most coffee sellers. Whether it is one of the selections below, or another of the infinite options, trying different blends is worth it to land a coffee that matches your tastes!

1. Breakfast Blends

If you prefer the coffee served in diners and restaurants, a breakfast blend may be the right black coffee for you. This medium roast will offer a bold flavor and add a strong kick to your mornings.

Most breakfast blends will lean more toward a roasted taste and do not have additional flavor additives. Donut shop blends are another common blend that is similar to the breakfast style.

2. Vanilla Blends

If you are trying to wean away from the creamer but still want that vanilla taste many creams add, a vanilla coffee blend would be a perfect option to consider on your sampling journey. Vanilla blends will typically be lighter roasts and have just a hint of flavor, similar to adding vanilla extract to a recipe.

3. Dessert Flavor Blends

For those who are used to added doses of both creamer and sugar and want a little sweetness with their morning jolt, there are a number of dessert blends that can satisfy this need.

Many coffee brands will have varieties of cookies, caramel and other sweet flavors on hand. These additions can supplement those sweeteners while enabling you to keep your coffee black!

The next time you browse the aisles for coffee grounds or beans, be sure to check for these options and others that speak to you to find your best coffee for many mornings to come!

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