How To Sleep Better?- Some Proven Tips For A Good Night Sleep

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Sleep is an important part of your health. A good night's sleep is as important as having proper exercise and a healthy diet. Sleep is an essential need of your body that keeps your body fit and maintains a physical and mental balance of your body. Poor sleep harms your health which leads to an imbalance in hormones, regular exercises, and brain function. It can also be a catalyst for a lot of diseases be it related to heart, weight gain, stress, and chronic pain.

As more of our population became urban it bought a lot of stress and a serious change in our lifestyle. This lifestyle change brought in with various jobs and livelihoods that are either in-active or less active in the day and more active at night, thus influencing our sleep patterns. Not only that, modern jobs require more working hours from you and thus push your sleeping time further or just shorten your sleeping time as a whole. These lifestyle changes have greatly impacted our sleep cycle and habit leading to a lot of severe sleep-related diseases, stress, heart diseases, chronic pain which have either stemmed out of your lack of sleep or sleepiness as a whole known as "Insomnia".

Therefore after discussing all the reasons that caused our "sleep loss". We are about to discuss a few points that would help us improve our sleep. The best possible way to sleep well at night is to bring slow but steady changes to lifestyle. Small but fixed lifestyle changes such as sleeping early to bed, waking up early in the morning, and a routine regular exercise can be a lengthy but permanent fix to sleeplessness. Along with these lifestyle changes, there are a few evidence-based tips that would help you sleep better. These  sleeping tips have been discussed in details in the para

Tips to Sleep Well at Night

Invest in a Proper Bed:-The most important thing that is needed to sleep in a proper bed and other k bedding materials as a pillow, mattress, blanket, etc. If you have the right size bed be it a single bed, double bed, or a full-size bed depending on your requirement(i.e you sleeping alone or you sleeping with your partner, your pet, etc) and a proper mattress and the right pillow to compliment the same. You have solved half your sleeplessness crisis. A  bed that meets your size and a mattress that gives you the desired firmness and comfort that lets you sleep as soon as you lay to rest and finally the pillow with the right mixture of firmness and rigidity to keep you the perfect sleep that you desire. Upgrading your mattress that has been in use for many years now can be a quick but definite solution to your sleeping woes. Finally, we have made a suggestion as to the things that are basic for proper sleep at night, but all these factors are intensely subjective and depend on the user's preference.

Lavender:- Like sleeping in the right bed with the correct and comfortable mattress and pillow. Lavender is a sleeping classic also. For centuries this flower has been used to help people sleep. Lavender helps people sleep by calming the nervous system and getting the brain ready for sleep. Moreover, researchers who have monitored the sleep cycles with brain scans have found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, influential for slowing heartbeat and muscle relaxation. Subjects using lavender oil slept soundly and also felt energetic at work after using the Lavender oil.

Exercise:- People with proper exercise routines are prone to have fewer sleep-related issues because regular exercise improves the symptoms of sleep apnea or insomnia and increases the length of the sleep cycle and the constructive phase of sleep. Vigorous exercise or light exercise as brisk walking also improves the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping and Waking Up at a Consistent Time:- Getting in sync with the body's circadian rhythm or the body's sleep-wake cycle is one of the most significant strategies for helping you to sleep better. If You become a pattern and a habit. If you keep a regular sleep-wake schedule, you will feel refreshed and energized even if you sleep an hour or two less.

Smart Eating and Drinking:-Caffeine and nicotine are excellent stimulants. A single dose of caffeine can enhance focus, energy, and sports performance. Therefore smoking or drinking coffee near to sleeping time might disrupt your sleeping pattern. Other than that, eating rich and heavy food before sleep might spike up the acidity level in your body or cause stomach upset thus disrupting your sleep pattern. Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle after its intoxication levels slow down so it must also be avoided before sleep. Also drinking too much fluid of any sort including alcohol results in increased frequency of bathroom trips thus disrupting sleep.

Improving the Sleeping Environment:- Your sleep environment includes a lot of aspects that need to be toned down to improve your sleeping. Eliminate unwanted noise from your bedroom is it the noise from the neighbors, traffic, or other household people either through a soundproof glass or noise-canceling headphones. A  bedroom with proper ventilation and a slightly cooler temperature ( around 65*F or 18*C) provides quality sleep. Exposure to proper daylight or sunlight improves your circadian rhythm while also positively affecting your brain, body, and hormones. Similarly, overexposure to blue light eliminating from smartphones and laptops before sleep also disrupts your sleep cycle.


Finally while concluding it can be said that sleep is a natural process and it can be and sleeplessness or insomnia can be resolved naturally rather than taking prescription medicine which disrupts your sleeping cycle. Natural remedies such as improving lifestyle choices such as improving the sleep-wake cycle, avoiding rich and oily food before sleep, and having a proper exercise routine all these small habitual changes which will take time to set in and can result in significant improvement in your sleep cycles. Other than the most important thing for proper sleep is just a comfortable bed with a proper and comfortable size mattress and pillow which lets you sleep and stretch in any order or manner you want.

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