The best way to high return investments

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The need to get rich, earn more to collect is not too strange to many people. People are always looking for ways to high return investments, so that money can make money fastest. Where to invest in leisure money? What to invest to have money? Have a little money to invest? What money should invest at this time? We already have a little capital, but we still do not know which way to invest safely, with quick returns. Let learn about some simple but most effective ways to invest in getting rich through the article the best way to high return investments.

Invest in the stock market

In 2018, the stock market is considered one of the attractive investment channels for many investors and has a remarkable growth of more than 50%. It is predicted that by the beginning of 2019, there will be more positive changes, bringing higher rates of return for investors. To invest in this market, we need to create a stock account, deposit money and be able to buy any type of stock for sale on the market. We are going to do buy and sell transactions on a stock exchange. When the price of a stock that we buy increases, we can choose to sell it for a profit. Investors need to calculate and anticipate risks in order to promptly prevent them.

Get rich from the countryside

Investing, getting rich in rural areas is also one of the trends chosen by many people. In the past, most people flocked to major cities to exploit its economic growth potential and accidentally neglected investment opportunities for economic development in rural areas. We can start with investment in the development of projects in rural areas such as cultivation, husbandry, and local tourism economic development.

Send money to save the bank

To minimize risks and ensure that our capital still remains, we can choose a safe and profitable investment that is to deposit money in the bank. The interest we receive each year will be based on the interest rate the bank is applying. Each bank will have different interest rates, so take the time to learn and compare interest rates between banks, to deposit money into banks with higher interest rates.

Investing in real estate, real estate

Along with the stock market, the real estate market is also considered a market with strong growth in 2018 and can explode in 2019 with many large resort projects such as Phu Quoc, Da Nang. In addition, along with the expansion of the real estate market niche of cemetery land to enter this market, we need the knowledge and foresight to be able to predict and select the right potential real estate projects with high profitability.

Profitable loans

In the past, we used to lend and borrow through a third party, a bank or financial company. But with the development and application of technology to economic activities today, we can use our spare money to lend directly through online services connecting borrowers with lenders. This method will help us to get more profits than through a financial company or a bank.

Invest in franchising brands

Franchising is probably not too new in the Vietnamese market. This can be considered as a safe and effective investment because we will apply for a franchise for business investment. Thanks to the reputable brand name, high level of brand awareness, staff training support, store decoration design, we will be easier to operate and attract customers.

Invest in open-ended funds

What is an open fund? Open-ended fund is where investors contribute capital together to form a fund to invest in a certain field such as securities, bonds. Open-ended fund investment will be managed by an intermediary company in the middle. called a fund management company. This company is responsible for ensuring all the interests of investors, buying and selling on their behalf and monitoring investments to ensure that investors are profitable.

Investment settlement

Settlement investment, also known as payment settlement, is a program calling for investment of a certain country, encouraging foreigners to invest in their own country to solve unemployment and economic problems is underdeveloped and then they can settle in that country. If you are a conditional investor with a large enough capital, and want to invest in the long term, settle down and become a legal citizen of a certain country, consider this type of investment.

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