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Along with being renowned for having a myriad culture, India also has an exquisite gift to offer to the globe, i.e., Bollywood. In a land where movies are considered to be an integral part of our lives, where kids' talents are judged by how well he imitates a dialogue or dance moves, where women or men adorn the dresses worn by their favourite actors, movies thus form the soul of India. 

We breathe, eat, drink, wear, speak and even live movies. In the erstwhile decade, movie halls were a common form of recreation, but now it isn't restricted merely to theatres or DVDs. Instead, now it has its newer variant, i.e., online movies through digital platforms like 123 movie.

The scenario:

With the development of technology, our way of watching movies has also evolved. A historical note on how movies started would date back to 1896 when in the United States Thomas A. Edison and Thomas Armat presented the first motion picture. There onwards, movie streaming has jumped from nickelodeons to videocassettes, from DVDs to online streaming. 

High digital 123 movie platform availability to an efficient cost-sensitive model has popularised the accessibility of online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Studies have stated that this trend would surely grow in the future and more and more technological gadgets would come to support this feature. 

More downloads per day:

Data shows that in U.S. and Canada, box office releases increased by 15% in 2010 but sales of theatre have decreased by 5% in comparison to 2008. In a survey conducted at U.S. inferred that 82% of the subject preferred downloading 123 movie and 7% preferred going to movie theatres. 

When interrogated further why they did not prefer going to theatre, they stated before getting the opportunity to visit the halls, and already they could get hold of DVDs. No doubt that online movie can replace the conventional style of watching movies, but fret not. 

Online movies do have its perks. Read on to know more!

  • A Pandora of mammoth amount of movies

Where conventional style of watching movies comes with an exorbitant price, its neo-version i.e. online movies, is comparatively cheaper. For every ticket, every DVD, the customer has to pay the price but when we talk of online movie platforms, usually the customer has to pay a nominal price. Within that price, he or she gets myriad of movies to be streamed online.

  • Ease of watching

Another perk of online movies is that it gives you the comfort to watch anywhere, at any time. 

  • High quality

In online platforms like 123 movie, the variety of movies offered is of exemplary quality. DVDs may have the prospect of not delivering high-quality stuff and at times, they may have issues. But online movies platform has the assurance of delivering high-quality content. 

  • Safety

The online platforms have stringent guidelines to which they adhere to. The issue of hacking gets minimized when one uses a trusted platform for online movies. 

Notably, online 123 movie have caused a great impact on the movie industry and this trend would surely hike. 

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